This is from artist Aaron Paquett, a male artist sharing this beautiful piece and call to women to share their voices on International Women’s Day 2015. Enjoy!

Women, you carry so much for us. You carry our burdens, you carry our pains, you carry our fears. You carry us for 9 months and never stop.

You also carry our hopes. You carry our dreams, and you carry the sacred fire. You carry the light of our future.

And the truth…the truth is you have been punished. Held down, and treated like second hand citizens. Any respect you have, any rights, you have had to work for, fight for and assert daily. You don’t get paid as much, you don’t get promoted as often and your intuition has been mocked, and even punished.

You have suffered for centuries under the thumb of men who fear your power.

Because your power, your truth, your fire, when unleashed, will lead us into an entirely new world. If it were your voices being heard these past decades our planet would be in a very different condition. We would have clean air for our young people as they run and play. We would have clean water for them to drink. And we would have clean soil to feed our children well.

The time has come: we need your voices, we need your strength, more now than ever.

You carry so much for us, now it’s time to lift yourselves. Raise yourselves, and speak. You are the true strength in the world: the strength of life.

And that’s what others fear. They fear that you will end the insanity we’re locked in because they can’t see a different kind of reality. All they see is: I gotta get mine before there’s none left.

Of course, they are talking about the total depletion of the earth, after which we will have nothing. It’s a path that leads to the destruction of the world as we know it. We need you – mothers, sisters, daughters – more than ever.

We need you. Our children need you. The world needs you.

You are beautiful, you are intelligent, and you are wise.

Men are not your enemies, they are your sons. And we need your love, your guidance, your intuition.

You can reshape this world. You can make it a paradise. You.

And you can do it without stepping on anyone else. You can do it in partnership, the way it is meant to be.

Step into your power.

And never, ever let anyone take it from you again.

hiy hiy


Aaron Paquette is a First Nations Metis artist, author and speaker. Based in Edmonton, Aberta, his first YA Novel Lightfinder came out in June 2014 through Kegedonce Press. It is now in its 3rd printing.

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