Enjoy this beautiful and uplifting song – Unstoppable Joy, by Marya Stark




This track was born into the world through a moment of sheer ecstatic joy. It was my birthday, I walked downtown santa cruz and stumbled upon Singing Wood Marimba playing epically booty-dancing music that uplifted my spirits as nothing else ever has. I bough their cd and continuously wept whenever i heard one of the tracks. I borrowed a little of the looping style and chord progression from that track and used a vocal looper to create this song. I had the great honor of sharing this story with them, and inviting them to play on this track.

Unstoppable Joy for me is an infectious way to live life ad posture the heart no matter what. It is an ongoing meditation and co-creation. I dedicate this song to my beloved friend, muse and collaborator Binah Zing, who loved this song and believed in its capacity to spread light and joy with the people. May we all rise and dance together in the freedom of our truest pure joy.

- Marya Stark





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