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The Scarlet Crow Remembrance Tour is a sharing of magical and epic proportions. Aligned with the Equinox~ Easter/ Passover 2015 Eclipse portal together we will craft a space for potent activating, healing and anchoring the future from an embodied empowered now.

Reweaving the forgotten tales and codes of the Great Mystery, performing artists Marya Stark and Carmen Crow combine forces with Layla Centorrino, Laurel Kitten and Tessa Shields to bring their unique medicines in true collaboration and co-creation with YOU and each community we share with. Come join in musical ceremony and dialogue of what it means to be in relationship to your holy nature. Let us plant and water the seeds of our new collective dream. May we cultivate intentionality, authenticity, impeccability, understanding and deep reverence.

Live performances by Marya Stark and Carmen Crow with songs delving into the wounding and healing of the magical feminine interspersed with ceremony, storytelling, visuals by Tessa and alchemical healing.

The night will open with an interactive talk ‘Reweaving the Magical Feminine’ led by Laurel and Layla. It will include:

- A panel discussion around the cultural wounding, repression and disembodiment of the magical, wild, wise and sensual feminine (in all people) - an evolving discussion throughout the tour.

- Gender Alchemy – trans-formative somatic experiences evoking more understanding of our true nature and power as men and women.

- An ongoing inquiry and sharing around how healing these aspects of ourselves and culture can bring us into a deeper connection and relationship with ourselves, each other and our natural world.

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